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Give a Great Give from Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles

Posted by Tammy on November 13, 2015



Now that Halloween has passed, and we’re a couple of weeks into beautiful November, most of us are starting to look forward to the holiday season. And with the arrival of the holiday season, that means it’s time to start your Christmas shopping.


We all have at least one person in our lives who is hard to buy for. Whether it's a sibling, a best friend, a boss, or the sort-of-acquaintance who lives next door, you may be at a loss as to what offer them for the holidays. That's where Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles comes in! Check out these gift ideas from our B&B (perfect for both past and future guests!):


- A stay at Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles. Book your parents a much-needed getaway at our B&B, and allow them to relax and indulge in everything the Eastern Shore of Virginia has to offer.


- A Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles Gift Certificate. Add a bit of flexibility to the gift of a getaway by giving your friends and family a gift certificate!


- Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles Souvenirs. Give a former guest of ours a small piece of their B&B getaway in the form of a beautiful souvenir. Whether it’s a comfy baseball cap for your cousin or a coffee mug for your Secret Santa gift exchange, our souvenirs are perfect for someone who has enjoyed a Cape Charles retreat at our Inn. Interested in placing an order? Send an email to tammy@bayhaveninnbnb.com!


We look forward to seeing you soon on your next Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles adventure! Do you have photos of your getaway that you’d like to share with us? Feel free to post them on our Facebook page.

7 Things You Will and Won’t Get During a B&B Getaway

Posted by Tammy on October 20, 2015


Many people wonder about what you can expect to get when you’re staying at a B&B like Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles. Keep reading to find out the answer to this question along with three things you WON’T get on your B&B getaway.

What you WILL get:

  1. A gourmet breakfast. Breakfast is half of a B&B, right? At bed & breakfasts like Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles, you’ll enjoy sweet potato biscuits with Virginia country ham, egg dishes, pancakes and sausage, and fresh, hot coffee. No boring continental breakfasts here!

  2. Comfy beds. Since a bed is a crucial part of your overnight stay, innkeepers make sure you have the best. We frequently get request about where we purchase our mattresses, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a comfy night’s sleep.

  3. An insider’s knowledge of your location. Looking for the best place to eat? Popular trails and hikes? The best festivals to attend? We can help! We know all of the secret treasures of our town, and we also offer special discount coupons for the best shops in Cape Charles.

  4. Unique memories. Everything mentioned above adds up to a trip that will stay in your memories forever. From the food to the nearby activities, you’ll always remember that time (or two) that you stayed at Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles.


What you WON’T get:

  1. Bland décor. B&Bs are a reflection of the innkeepers who own and run them, so every room you see will be a unique piece of an individual personality.

  2. A fee for WiFi/parking/mini bar/etc. Our WiFi is FREE! Our parking is FREE! Our snacks are FREE! We believe that’s all a part of your stay at our B&B, and you won’t find any added fees for little things that should be provided to you at no cost.

  3. An unmemorable stay. How often do you remember the hotels you visit? Probably not very often, and that’s because there’s nothing to really make them memorable.


We look forward you to showing you in person these 7 things that you will and won’t get here at Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles.

Four Tips for Fall Photography in Cape Charles

Posted by Tammy on October 08, 2015


Fall photography is a popular activity this time of year, and if you’re in a picturesque spot like Cape Charles, your photo ops are endless! So grab your camera, some walking shoes, and a room at Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles, and get ready to photograph everything from our LOVEwork display to the bayside sunsets. All we ask is that you share your photos with us on our Facebook page!

Here are a few photography tips to help you out on your fall adventure:

  1. Use the weather! We all love sunny days, but other types of weather can also offer spectacular imagery for your photos. If you plan a shoot, but wake up to find it raining outside, it doesn’t mean your photos are done for…water actually accentuates the colors in nature! Is it a freezing cold morning outside? You may find some frost on the fall foliage, which can add another element (no pun intended…) to your images. (Source: Digital School Photography)

  2. Get closer to your subject. Make your image different from the usual landscape shot by using your macro setting and focusing in on smaller subjects with fall colors in the background. “Macro photography is a great way to explore the colors and textures of autumn, while also using unique points-of-view.” (Source: Canon Digital Learning Center)

  3. Take photos at sunrise and/or sunset. Sunset on the beach is one of our 5 must-dos when visiting Cape Charles, and it also happens to be one of the two perfect times of day for your fall photography! “The golden cast of a sunrise or sunset can accentuate the colors of fall foliage.” (Source: MalekTips)

  4. Use water. Luckily for you, Cape Charles is surrounded by water, which happens to make an excellent photography subject, particularly for capturing fall foliage reflections. “Shoot autumn color reflected in water to create stunning abstract fall photos.” (Source: Outdoor Photographer)

Ready to photograph autumn in Cape Charles? Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles awaits your arrival!

Ready to Roast: The 18th Annual Cape Charles Oyster Roast

Posted by Tammy on September 21, 2015


Our mouths are already watering at the thought of the upcoming oyster roast in Cape Charles! The 18th Annual Oyster Roast (hosted by the Cape Charles Historic Society) will be held at the Cape Charles Museum on November 28, 2015, and it promises some tasty treats for all who attend. (Oyster roast participants get enjoy the museum as the backdrop to the “indoor” part of the oyster roast.)

Need some more convincing? Here are a few reasons to attend this much anticipated bayside event:

  1. These oysters are as fresh as you can get! In a region known for its aquaculture, you can bet that our seafood is fresh from the water, fresh in flavor, and fresh in nutrition. And speaking on nutrition, that’s brings us to reason #2.

  2. Oysters are healthy. Not only is this seafood delicious, but it’s also naturally high in protein, iron, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, vitamin C, and zinc. It’s doesn’t get much better than delicious AND nutritious.

  3. You won’t go hungry! Along with both roasted and raw oysters, you’ll also have the option of enjoying Eastern Shore-style clam chowder, fried chicken, homemade rolls, three bean salad, and potato salad. Yum!

  4. The festival is just down the road from Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles. If you’re staying at Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles on November 18, then you’ll only be 10 minutes away from the oyster roast.

  5. Fall is the perfect time to exploring Cape Charles, so even though the oyster roast may be your primary reason for visiting us, it’s not the only reason. Check out one of our recent blogs for a few more reasons to visit us in autumn.

Ready to join us for the November Oyster Roast? Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles and ready and waiting, so book your room now!

3 Places to Go Bird-Watching in Cape Charles

Posted by Tammy on September 14, 2015


With fall on its way to Cape Charles, Virginia, we’ll soon be able to enjoy the migration of our feathered friends who make their homes here or pass by during warmer weather. And luckily for you, we have some incredibly beautiful spots where you can grab a seat and watch these beautiful birds at their best. So gather up a blanket, a chair, a camera (and a room at Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles), and get ready to go birding in our gorgeous Cape Charles:

Kiptopeke State Park: Take a trip to Kiptopeke, and you’ll have the chance to witness the migration of peregrine falcons, American Kestrels, warblers, herons, shorebirds, and thrushes. What a beautiful mix of birds! There are just over 5 miles of hiking and biking trails in this park, leaving you with plenty of fun opportunities for bird watching.

Kings Creek Marina: Whether you’re riding along in a rented golf cart or taking a kayak out onto the water, you’re sure to catch a glimpse of shorebirds and clapper rails. Be sure to take advantage of the nature trails for the best bird views!  

Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge: This beautiful Cape Charles wildlife refuse just so happens to be “one of the premier birding and wildlife sites on the Eastern Shore” (DGIF). There are over 300 species of birds on the refuge’s list, so there’s a very good chance that you’ll be able to observe warblers, hawks, peregrine falcons, and more.

We can’t wait to see you at Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles during your bird-watching outing! (Our front porch has a pretty great birding view too)

5 Reasons to Visit Cape Charles in Fall

Posted by Tammy on August 20, 2015


Can you believe that fall is less than a month away? September 23 will be here before you know it, but that doesn’t mean your vacation days are over! Autumn just so happens to be an excellent time of year to visit Cape Charles, Virginia (and Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles!). From fall flavors to autumn activities, come experience the seasonal splendor of our beautiful bayside town.

Here are five reasons to visit Cape Charles in fall:

1. Fewer crowds. Enjoy our bayside peace and quiet without the summer rush! Fewer beach-goers means more space for you to spread out and enjoy this little slice of paradise.

2. Cooler weather. I think we can all agree that the heat and humidity of summer can be stifling at times. But with lower temperatures and cool bay breezes, this is an ideal time of year for an Eastern Shore adventure.

3. Autumn bird migrations. The month of October is a perfect time to enjoy the migratory path of many of our feathered friends.

4. Fall flavors at Brown Dog Ice Cream. It’s no secret that we LOVE Brown Dog Ice Cream, and autumn means even more of their unique flavors. Caramel apple and pumpkin ice cream, anyone? (Also, did you know that Huffington Post just recently ranked Brown Dog Ice Cream as some of the best ice cream in the country?)

5. The Between the Waters Bike Tour. Activity in Cape Charles doesn't stop just because summer has! Besides the Eastern Shore Birding and Wildlife Festival mentioned above, you can also enjoy the 23rd Annual Between the Waters Bike Tour, which starts and ends in Cape Charles. Whether you’re participating in this “Coastal Biking Bliss” or simply cheering on the riders, you won’t want to miss this event on October 24.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Arts Enter, Cape Charles, Virginia

Posted by Tammy on August 14, 2015


As you’re probably already well aware, Cape Charles is known for its beaches, shorelines, and bayside views, but that’s not all that our town has to offer! Cape Charles also happens to be a hub of local art with everything from live theater to local artisanal displays, which includes places like Shooting Star Gallery, Ellen Moore Gallery, and Willows Artisans.

One of these artistic centers is Arts Enter Cape Charles. So what is it about this particular art venue that is so fantastic? We’re glad you asked!  

1. The Historic Palace Theatre-This beautifully history theatre was built in 1941 as a movie house, but now Arts Enter uses it as a place for visual and performing arts events. The latest event is the Experimental Film Festival, a free event with the works of over 30 international artists. (The next film, the Torino, Italy Screening, is coming up on November 12, so mark your calendars!). The Palace Theatre also hosts musical performances and dramas, so check out their calendar for the latest upcoming events.

2. The Stage Door Gallery- This art gallery not only displays the incredible pieces of local artisans but also invites you to join them once a month for their Fourth Friday “Art Splash.” This “festive event of art and wine” runs from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and includes drinks, appetizers, live music, and like-minded art admirers. Besides the gallery’s Art Splash, you can also enjoy their current exhibit, “Flowers and Gardens” (which is absolutely beautiful!).  

3. The Harbor for the Arts Festival – Arts Enter, along with three other hosts, (Cape Charles Business Association, Citizens for Central, and the Municipal Corp. of Cape Charles) bring this annual two-week festival to Chuckletown. This week’s festival began August 7, 2015, and will end on August 16, 2015, so you still have a few chances to enjoy the live performances! Upcoming performances include Robbin Thompson on August 15, Quick Fix on August 16, The Almost Famous Band on August 16, and Kasey Rae Band on August 30.


We look forward to seeing you in Cape Charles! (Click here to reserve your room at Bay Haven Inn.)

Garden Greenery at Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles

Posted by Tammy on July 31, 2015

There are many aspects of Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles that we can’t wait for you to experience. We look forward to you tasting our breakfasts, resting your heads in our comfy beds, and venturing out to our welcoming bayside town. We especially love sharing our gardens with you, and if you’d like to learn more about our B&B greenery, then keep reading!

I am a Master Gardener, which I earned while living in Prince William County, so as you can imagine, I’m pretty fond of plants! I love spending my time gardening at both the Bay Haven gardens and the New Roots Youth Center garden, where I teach youth to grow vegetables from seed to farm stand.

Here are a few facts about the plants that we tend to here at Bay Haven Inn:

1. Our back courtyard gardens grow 27 varieties of heirloom tomatoes and peppers from seed. This delicious produce eventually ends up on your breakfast table at our B&B!

2. Our Mexican petunias bloom daily with purple petals that attract both butterflies and hummingbirds. These beautiful flowers line the path of the inn, making a lovely display to welcome you to Bay Haven.

3. Want to surprise your sweetheart with a special surprise when you walk into your room? We have a cut flower garden that supplies the fresh bouquets for our Flowers in Your Room special.

3. We put in a brand new lily bed put in last year and it’s coming in strong and beautiful! You’ll have the opportunity to see these lilies on our dining room table.

4. “Etsy” the Palm Tree waits to welcome you to “Paradise Island," where it’s five o’clock whenever you choose. Etsy rests on a shell-lined bed with branches shading two Adirondack chairs that are just waiting for you to lounge in their comfort.



Click here to learn more about a garden experience at Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Love & Marriage & a Baby Carriage

Posted by Tammy on July 16, 2015


Let’s say you’ve found that special someone, and you’re ready pop the question. You have the perfect ring, the perfect proposal, and the perfect set-up in mind, and all that’s left is to select the perfect location. That’s where Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles comes in. Treat your soon-to-be fiancée to a sunset engagement on a soft sandy beach. Say yes to your future groom from the simple solitude of our front porch swing. We have a good number of amazing spots around Cape Charles that would be wonderful as proposal sites, and we can’t wait to help you on your way towards happily-ever-after.


But the engagement is only the first part! After she’s said yes, there will be a flurry of wedding plans, and one of the most important parts of that planning is the wedding venue. Guess where your fairy tale wedding can take place? Right here at Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles. After all, what is more romantic than a ceremony held right at the site of the engagement?


Conveniently enough, Bay Haven Inn just so happens to be a B&B, which, as you may know, makes a great honeymoon locale. Between our luxurious rooms, the soft bay breeze, and the flurry of activities around Cape Charles, your honeymoon here will be one you’ll never forget.


Down the road a little ways, you might find that you’re expecting a new arrival—a bouncing baby who will change your lives forever. Why not celebrate your last days as a duo with a relaxing getaway from the real world? Cape Charles is your babymoon destination, perfect for expecting parents who need some pampering and recreation before all of the sleepless nights and diaper changes of parenthood.


Memories play a huge part in any relationship, so why not connect your memories to one special place? We’d love to offer you a romantic stay in Cape Charles, so book your room now and start planning your getaway!






A Day in the Life of a Bay Haven Inn Guest

Posted by Tammy on July 03, 2015

There is nothing like a first-hand experience at Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles, and we thought we should give you a bit of an idea what a day is like here for our guests. Since we’re located in the exact center of town, all of these activities are only steps away from the inn, and what better time is there to experience a Cape Charles vacation than at the beginning of summer?





- Start your day with morning coffee on the porch, overlooking the gardens and quiet streets of Cape Charles, then indulge in a hearty breakfast while you chat with some of our other fantastic guests.

- Enjoy a FREE self-guided walking tour, or rent a golf cart or bike to tour the historic district, and learn some of the history and architecture of the houses and buildings in town. Our maybe treat yourself to an old-fashioned carriage ride through town and enjoy the nostalgic sound of the horse hooves on the streets.





- Explore the waters of the Chesapeake Bay from the seat of a kayak or wave runner.


- Relax in a beach chair, and dig your toes into the soft, summer sand. (There’s no need to worry about hauling towels, a beach umbrella and chairs on your trip; we provide them all!)


- Explore the unique shopping in downtown Cape Charles, just steps away from Bay Haven Inn. (Some of my favorite options are the Boardwalk, Moonrise Jewelry, and Watson’s Hardware.) End your stroll with a free wine tasting at Gull Hummock Gourmet Market or a cone at Brown Dog Ice Cream (where you might even get to meet Foster, the famous brown dog!)


- Read and take a nap to the soothing sounds of the chimes in the gardens with the cool bay breezes rustling around you. Enjoy swinging your worries away on the porch (Beware: swinging is addictive!) 





 - Stroll down the streets with a fading sunset in the distance, and decide what you’re in the mood for dinner. There is plenty to choose from! You’ll find harbor side dining at The Shanty, Gourmet Bistro Night at Hook-U-Up, a pub-style meal at Kelly’s Gingernut Pub or The Coach House Tavern or perhaps a romantic dinner overlooking the bay at The Oyster Farm at Kings Creek to take in one of Cape Charles breathtaking sunsets!


- End your day by simply relaxing on our porch, visiting with other guests and enjoying the salty bay breeze against your sun-kissed skin.


Our porch awaits….









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