Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to feel at home when you plan your stay in our Chesapeake Bay lodging, so we have included answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Will I have to share a bathroom with other guests?

Absolutely not! Each room has a private bathroom; three of the rooms (Alyce, James, and Georgie) have en suite bathrooms. The Virginia Wilson room has a private bathroom with shower and claw-foot bathtub, located just across the hall from the room.

How is a B&B different than a hotel?

From our guests’ perspective the largest differences are:

  • You experience Cape Charles and the Eastern Shore via a local perspective with your personal concierge available to assist you in creating the best experience.
  • Or, if you prefer, you can have very little contact with other guests or the innkeepers. Our goal at Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles is to provide you with the experience you are looking for.
  • Having breakfast with other guests affords you the chance to meet people from many different places and share experiences.
  • You have the privacy of your own room, but you also get to enjoy the many private nooks and crannies of the Inn.
  • You get a complimentary wine/beer, gourmet breakfast, and surprise snacks each day you stay with us.
  • Did we mention the fantastic food? The breakfast promises to be both delicious and unique.

How far do I have to walk to get my toes in the sand on the Cape Charles public beach?

It is a short four-block walk to the sandy beach – an easy walk with the towels and chairs we provide!

Do we need to bring towels, beach chairs, and umbrellas?

Nope, we gotcha covered. Just bring your suntan lotion and you’ll be good to go!

Are there restaurants within walking distance to the inn?

Absolutely! We will send you a list with links to some of our favorites but you can also check out our “It’s a Shore Thingpage on our site to view them now.

I am a Vegetarian, Vegan, or am Gluten Intolerant… will that be a problem for breakfast?

We are very happy to accommodate any special dietary requests. We enjoy using our farm-to-table approach to cooking which often makes it super easy and fun to create great vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals. We will consult with you prior to your visit to get important information regarding any requests you may have.

Do you have rooms on the first floor?

We do not have a room on the first floor. All 4 rooms are located on the second floor. 6 steps to enter the house, 3 steps to stair landing, and 13 steps to guest rooms.

Do you offer packages for special occasions?

Indeed we do! Please check out our Packages page on the website. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for and would like to get creative, contact the innkeepers to help you create the perfect celebration experience.

Will I have to interact with other guests while I am at the inn?

First and foremost, we respect your privacy. You may interact as much or as little as you desire and/or are comfortable with. We pride ourselves on being there for you if you need us and invisible if you do not.

Doesn’t it feel weird to have strangers in your home?

NO! As you can see from a majority of our reviews, we often feel like guests are friends and family visiting. We love providing exceptional hospitality to our guests and sharing our home and the historic town of Cape Charles. We are quite simply humbled by the wonderful people we meet.

What is a Bed and Breakfast?

A renovated home, mansion, or small boutique hotel where you spend the night, enjoy all the areas of the home, and are served a breakfast the next morning (included in the price of the room).

When will breakfast be served? What type of breakfast is served? Will we see a menu before breakfast?

We traditionally serve breakfast at 8:30 am, sometimes 9:00 depending on what the group decides. We do serve as a house so all guests will eat together. We serve a hot plated breakfast — therefore, we have to establish a specific time so that the meal is at its best when we present it to you. We do not normally share our menu in advance (Tammy is known to be a creative cook, so it might be whatever inspires her from the garden the evening before!) however, if you have a specific request we do ask you to share that with us as we are happy to accommodate.

Can we have breakfast early if we must leave before breakfast is scheduled?

Of course! We often accommodate travel schedules: birders, golfers, etc. Just let us know!

Can we bring our bikes, kayaks, kite boards?

We encourage it! Cape Charles is a walking, riding, golf carting, and water sports town. You can secure your items on your vehicle or you can take them off and store them in our courtyard behind the inn.

Can the inn accommodate pets?

We are a pet-free inn, and we feel we need to stay that way for our guests with severe allergic reactions to pets.

Do B&Bs accept children?

We can accommodate children over 12 with prior arrangements from the innkeeper. Most of our guests are visiting to escape their at-home responsibilities and looking for a romantic escape from children/grandchildren.

What if we need to arrive early or leave late?

We are happy to accommodate if possible. Prior arrangements need to be made directly with the innkeeper. Often it depends on check-outs and check-ins and preparing the rooms.

Are there a minimum number of nights I have to stay?

Most weekends are a two-night minimum. Every now and again we end up with a single night Friday or Saturday so give us a call and we can do our best to work with you!

Are there strange rules and curfews?

Not at all! You will receive a key to the house and your room so you can come and go as you would like. We only ask guests to be considerate of other guests when coming and going so that our night owls and our early birds respect the shared community spaces.

How much privacy will we have? Will we hear other guests through the walls?

Rooms are completely private — we do not enter a room unless there is an emergency or if you put your “good time to refresh our room” tag out. This ol’ gal is built with very solid walls and our guests often comment that they cannot hear a thing, including the innkeepers above them on the third floor.

Is there a common room where we can meet other guests?

There are several common spaces that guests enjoy gathering together. In the winter, guests gather in the parlor and living room to warm themselves by the fireplaces. In the spring, summer, and fall, the porch is the go-to spot. It will be a tough choice between the swing, the reading chairs, love seat, or porch sofa. And, of course, the other hot spots on the property include the “Parrot Head” Adirondack lounging spot with palm tree overhead or the “Swammock” (guest-appointed name) — the combination swing/hammock perched in the beautiful perennial garden.

Is smoking allowed?

The smoking area is designated in the “Parrot Head” lounging spot — this includes cigars and electronic cigarettes.

Where do innkeepers live?

This is probably the most commonly asked question! We LIVE in the entire house, but you will find us often in the kitchen, office, and laundry room, or in the gardens during the warmer months! We have a private space on the third floor, but we find that we really only spend time there when we go to sleep at night.

Is parking available at the inn?

Plenty of parking both in front and on the side of the inn.

Can we have breakfast delivered to our room?

We do not provide room service. This helps us keep the rooms bug-free and clean for future guests.

Can business travelers stay at B&Bs?

Yes. We have special business rates and can accommodate guests traveling with business travelers. See our specials for more specific information.

What type of coffee do you serve?

We serve an exclusive house blend with a European style roast featuring sustainably grown Indonesian, Central & South American beans. Our coffee is smooth, full-bodied, and perfect to enjoy anytime of the day.

What toiletries do you use? What makes them unique?

We offer William Roam Float toiletries, which are designed and produced in America. One of our favorite features is that the liquid items are specially formulated with certified Hawaiian seawater from Kona, Hawaii. The spa-like line features luxurious soaps with a mild exfoliating effect.

Where in Cape Charles a good place to watch the sunset?

The options are endless! We post a daily sunset schedule and point you west! We are happy to secure reservations for you to enjoy the sunset at a restaurant like The Shanty or The Oyster Farm at Kings Creek. Enjoy it with your toes in the sand or even kayak out on the bay to say goodnight to the sun. Each sunset is different and we are excited to see the images you capture, so please share!

Does Cape Charles have a place where we can get ice cream?

As a matter of fact, you will be within walking distance from Brown Dog Ice Cream, one of Trip Advisor’s top 10 ice cream shops in the country!

Can we rent golf carts, kayaks, paddleboards, etc.?

Yes, there are several places to do this. Check out the “It’s a Shore Thing” page on our site for options, or just ask the innkeeper. In busy months, we encourage you to reserve these items in advance.

Does the inn provide bicycles?

Unfortunately, we are not able to do this because of insurance reasons. But we can definitely point you in the right direction for rental.

Do you have merchandise from the inn for sale?

Yes, check out our Gift Shop to see our signature items such as robes, mugs, hats, t-shirts, sheets, etc.

Can I purchase a gift certificate? How do I do this?

No need to decide when the recipient will plan their escape — you simply need to decide if you want to purchase one or two or more nights and we will send you a personalized gift packet that will include the gift certificate, as well as information about the inn and area.