Video Gallery

These videos highlight the Bay Haven Inn and the surrounding Cape Charles area. Come celebrate the holidays with us, enjoy the magnificent shore, and get to know your innkeepers who are awaiting your arrival.

Holiday Sampler Tour

Holiday sampler tour of Christmas

Chef Jim making Apple Roses

We found this video as a FB share and immediately wanted to give it a try. Fellow innkeeper and baker, Jim Holloway did this simple how to video to share what he learned.

Grow, Grow, Grow...heirloom treasures

Our heirloom tomatoes and peppers have been nurtured from seed and are just about ready to make their debut in the new veggie stop...your plate at the Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles!

Santa's Arrival at the Cookie Trail

Ho Ho Ho! Santa has planned his escape to Virginia's Eastern Shore and arrived in Cape Charles,Virginia just in time to welcome all the visitors to the Cape Charles Bed and Breakfast cookie trial!

Virginia's Eastern Shore

Unusual check-ins

Humm, who might these guest be that arrived at check-in today? We know you can't wait to meet some of the "guests" from years past...after all this 1906 home is bound to have a few unusual visitors.

Love is in the Air

What could be more romantic than to arrive to your room and to a bed of silk rose petals, chocolate covered strawberries and champagne?

Farm to jar homemade salsa

We start our heirloom tomatoes from seed and transfer them to our garden just behind the inn. They thrive in the lush eastern shore soil, no pesticides, not additives, just sunshine and rain, leave the rest to the guy upstairs! This is the first step to making our homemade salsa that we serve just about daily at the Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles...can't ya taste it?

Skeleton innkeepers getting the job done

Checkout these interesting folks from innkeepers past! I guess they have caught up to the modern world and technology! What in the world will the guests think at check in today?

Sneak Peak at Christmas

The ole' gal gets her holiday best on and throws in a little glitter to celebrate the holidays. We are not the Biltmore but we strive hard to decorate in similar fashion. Guests are excited about the personalized tree in each guest room!

Lookout...redneck ESPN is on their way to the Cape Charles Boat Docking Contest

This is the BEST event of the summer in Cape Charles, Virginia. I keep waiting for Redneck ESPN to show up and film it live, they are missing out! Our guests at the Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles love to take a short walk, plop down their chair with a cool beverage in hand and all the clams and fresh seafood you can imagine.

Welcome to the Dead and breakfast

We are serving up some spook-tac-ular treats at the Bay Haven Inn "Dead & Breakfast" where guests arrive but may never leave....

Remnants of Hurricane Arthur Makes Brief Visit in Cape Charles, VA

Weather Channel watcher Jim "Not Cantore" Holloway reports from the sandy beach of Cape Charles, VA. Taking off his chef coat and replacing it with his "unofficial" weather channel hat, Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles inn keeper reports live from the Chesapeake Bay, on Virginia's Eastern Shore.

Something's Cooking

Hear the crackle and you know you wish you could smell the aroma...but even more you would die to be here to taste them!

Visit from The Reaper

Don't be afraid of this mysterious greeter when you arrive on the inns porch when you check in around Halloween.

Visit Cape Charles, VA, during the holidays

Escape to the Eastern Shore and take a look at this ole' gal dressed in her holiday best! After seen this display of elegance you know you will want to take a look inside...

And the Worms are Blessed

The 5th Annual Blessing of the Worms at the New Roots Youth Garden....Reverend Lutz....ready... set...BLESS!

Cherry Tree Bees a Buzz

Each Spring this weeping cherry tree is loaded with blooms and the bumble and honey bees just love it! Lots of polinating going on....