Wander LOVE | 5 Trail Cards to Explore the Eastern Shore

With so many exciting adventures awaiting, use these Wander LOVE Trail Cards to explore the Eastern Shore. There are five, and they feature listings of the best spots for sunrises and sunsets, hiking and biking trails, watersports activities, favorite attractions, and seafood restaurants. These trail cards feature ways to discover hidden gems from tip to top of the Eastern Shore peninsula. Let’s get into a little more detail. 

Love on the Coastline Trail

The Virginia coastline has many scenic areas for early risers, sunset walkers, stargazers, and nature lovers. You can’t miss the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. This bridge is the eighth man-made wonder of the world and is a once in a lifetime experience. 

Additional scenic opportunities abound in places such as Kiptopeke State Park, where you can enjoy Monarch butterflies. Our butterfly garden is a similar haven for these migrating butterflies. We’ve even shared how you can plant your own butterfly garden to enjoy these beautiful creatures.

The ultimate (shhh…it’s a secret) spot is Savage Neck Dunes Park. A quick jaunt over farmland and a short scramble up a dune, and you’ll discover the most gorgeous sandy beach!

Breath of Fresh Air Trail

Whether you’re searching for a hike, a stroll, bird-watching, or a new bike route, we have the places for you. One of our favorites on the Breath of Fresh Air Trail is the Seaside Walkway. Now called the Edward “Ned” Brinkley Preserve. This preserve is a treasure, as it is dedicated to a dear friend and neighbor of ours. He happens to be the author of the National Wildlife Federation Field Guide to Birds of North America. This preserve is a must see and is just the beginning of your exploration in our fresh air paradise.

Lovin’ on the Water Trail

The Eastern Shore has access to the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, which allows for both tame and wild water adventures. On the bay side, Cape Charles Harbor has a boat launch, kayak and saltwater fishing tours, and hunting. Bayford Boat Ramp, Morley’s Wharf, and Onanock Wharf are great places for more mellow kayaking, paddleboarding, and boating. Just a 40-minute drive from our inn, Wachapreage Town Marina is a great place to begin your exploration of the Atlantic Ocean. This marina has the most activities to choose from, whether boating, SUP rentals, eco-tours, or saltwater fishing. 

Love and Learning Trail

For the history buffs and the simply curious, the Eastern Shore is full of historical sites, buildings, nature trails, and tours. The Eastern Shore National Wildlife Refuge is home to the WWII Bunker Overlook, from which our nation’s coastline was defended. During limited times of the year, the 200-year-old gardens of Eyre Hall are a must-see. To explore the 14 barrier islands near us, you can charter tours or cruise the area to learn about the incredible history of this precious area. Tangier Island Tours will allow you to observe the unique way of life of the island’s watermen. Virginia is richly steeped in history; these are just a handful of places on your historical journey. 

Fresh from the Water Seafood Trail

This trail card is ideal for when you’re in the mood for seafood. You can start in Cape Charles at Cherrystone Aquafarms, where wholesale clams and oysters are available. From there, the Eastern Shore has many wholesale seafood markets, online shops, and delivery services to choose from. To prepare for a weekend cookout, order ahead and pick up little neck clams or Chesapeake Bay blue crabs from Eastern Shore Seafood at Onancock Market. To get a hands-on shellfish experience, check out Tom’s Cove Aquafarms. The Eastern Shore has all the perfect places for your seafood feasts.

These 5 Trail Cards to Explore the Eastern Shore are great guides but just the beginning of your adventures. They will speak to your Wander LOVE and desire to indulge in the natural wonders of Cape Charles and beyond. Whether you stick to the beaches, venture to inland historical sites and wildlife preserves, or just come for the seafood, we’re here for you. Come see us here at Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles. We’re the perfect home base for all your adventures, no matter what trail you choose.

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