Gratitude Soup: 5 Ingredients for a Joyful Holiday Season

If you’ve read or heard of Olivia Rosewood’s children’s book, Gratitude Soup, you already know what a powerful story it is!

Violet the Purple Fairy learns how to make Gratitude Soup by thinking of all the things she loves, as well as the people, places, and experiences she’s grateful for.

With the year we’ve had, this story could not be more pertinent. Despite all of our challenges with COVID-19, or maybe because of, it’s the perfect time to reflect on all that you’re grateful for.

After all, isn’t that the time to count your blessings? With that in mind, let’s cook up a pot of gratitude soup and enjoy it right here at Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles!

Here are the essential ingredients you’ll find here at the Shore to add to your own Gratitude Soup. Don’t forget to share!

Make a list either in your head or on a piece of paper of all of the things you’re grateful to have experienced this year. Include people, pets, a new favorite song, a new love, an old love, and yes, even those people and experiences you had to let go of this year.

Bring your list to the Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles.

orange and yellow hues decorate the sky

Magical winter sunsets on Cape Charles beach

#1 Blend in a walk on the beach and listen to the sound of the waves. The Bay feels different in the winter. It invites solitude and reflection. Let it speak to you through the birds, the waves, and the sand under your feet.

#2 Simmer a little quietness. Find a cozy moment on the couch at the Inn and read a book. Sit in front of the fire and listen to it crackle. Empty out your head and let your surroundings fill you up. Stretch. Get up and then give someone you don’t know a genuine hug.

#3 Expect nothing but give something. Gratitude comes from that natural wellspring in the heart. Tap into it, then offer a piece of your goodness to someone else. When you’re waiting for a table at one of our fine restaurants, let someone else go ahead of you. Stir this ingredient thoroughly and watch how your own gratitude grows.

#4 Surprise a stranger with kindness. Pour in a generous amount of an open heart, one that has no expectations but seeks only to give. Take a walk in our own Central Park and explore nature, remembering all the good times you had this past year. Bring some peanuts and feed the squirrels!

#5 Smile. You can’t add enough of this ingredient. In fact, the more you add, the better your soup!

Shot of downtown Cape Charles VA

Photo Courtesy of Virginia Living Magazine

Make sure you’ve tossed into your pot all of your experiences of this past year, even the unpleasant ones. (We’re looking at you COVID-19). Those are the ones that actually give your soup its distinct, inviting flavor.

Then, take a walk to downtown Cape Charles and say “Hi!” to everyone you meet. Lastly, circle back to the beach and write your worries in the sand. Let the waves wash them away.

Your Gratitude Soup is now ready to be enjoyed by you and all you share it with this holiday season and beyond!

Ready to experience gratitude at the Eastern Shore? Book now!  Or, consider giving someone you love a gift certificate to the Inn. Now that’s a grateful gift!

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