Gone Fishin’: 3 Pesky Reasons to Plan Your Shore Vacation Now

Business woman in need of a vacationSay What?!

Americans, those fun-loving, let’s-get-down-tonight-people are doing the unthinkable. They are leaving a whole lot of fun on the table…at their jobs…and working overtime.

Say it ain’t so! But alas, it is.

Every year, Americans hand over a boatload of vacation time to their employer, choosing spreadsheets, meetings, and microwaved lunches for time on the Shore. Even ambitious Millennials are following suit. (No pun intended.)

Americans aren’t planning their vacations and the results are dire. Increased health issues and co-workers are complaining you’re cranky.

That’s why the last Tuesday of January is National Plan Your Vacation Day.

We know you’re dedicated to your job, and that you want continued success. And to that we say, Here! Here! So let’s lay out a game plan that keeps you pointing true North with your career, fires up your creativity, and chills out the white knuckle ride to the top.

3 Pesky Reasons to Plan Your Shore Vacation Right Now. As In Right. Now.

#1 Work Martyrs are Less Productive Employees

Plan Your Vacation infographicWork dedication has its limits. Yes, you’ve got a mountain of work to do. You’re afraid you’ll have even more work to do when you get back from your vacation. Check.

But working yourself into a stupor is costly to you and your employer. Your health suffers, you don’t get to eat really good food, and your boss is wondering about your attitude.

So here’s what you do. Plan out some mini-getaways. Crush Friday with the sound of the Chesapeake Bay waves and tack that Friday onto a holiday weekend. Now you’ve got four days off.

And in that four days, you’ve got your toes crunching sand, good food to eat, and and the boundless beauty of the area. It’s all far from your hectic commuter life and home to what we call cart life, parking your car and walking or biking to wherever you want to go.

It all feeds your soul, which feeds your creativity and productivity! So go right now and look at your calendar. Highlight the long weekends available during the year and then…ask for the time off!

#2 Get Out of Your Thinking Rut

Eastern Shore VAYou’ve gone over the problem again and again. The answer is swirling around in that creative head of yours but it just won’t materialize.

Taking a break and coming back to re-examine it just isn’t working.

Know why? You’re driving at 100 MPH with no sign of stopping. Your brain needs a break!  When you take your foot off the gas, your brain says, “Finally, I can get some work done!”

And that’s when your boss says, “Well done!” All because you planned some time off, gave yourself a break and had a good time.

#3 Yes, Your Boss Would Love to Approve Your Time Off

Did you know that 84% of managers agree that when their employees take time off they come back with more focus and creativity? 

Believe it or not, your boss wants you to take time off. In fact, 91% of managers say they want to approve your vacation request, but 43% can’t because they did not get enough notice.

Vacation planning benefits the company you work for! Managers agree that employees who plan out their vacation time for the year are responsible. It makes it easier to plan coverage, which makes it easier to approve vacation requests.

Many managers view proactive time off requests as an active step to preventing burn out, a top 10 fear among bosses.

National Plan for Vacation Day, January 29th

Vacation PlanningWith more than half of American workers giving back vacation time to their employers, compromising their health and their productivity at work, the US Travel Association came up with a novel idea.

“Why not bring national awareness to the problem and encourage people to plan their vacations?”

And that’s how the National Plan for Vacation Day came into existence. Scheduled for the last Tuesday in January, the day is designed to encourage you to take care of yourself. So get out your calendar and start marking time off throughout the year!

You’ll not only be a more productive, valuable employee, you’ll be a happier person. You already know the sounds of the Shore have been calling you. Why not find out what the sand, the waves, and nature have to say?

Make your reservation with us here, and we’ll see you on the sunny side!


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