Four Tips for Fall Photography in Cape Charles

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Fall photography is a popular activity this time of year, and if you’re in a picturesque spot like Cape Charles, your photo ops are endless! So grab your camera, some walking shoes, and a room at Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles, and get ready to photograph everything from our LOVEwork display to the bayside sunsets. All we ask is that you share your photos with us on our Facebook page!

Here are a few photography tips to help you out on your fall adventure:

  1. Use the weather! We all love sunny days, but other types of weather can also offer spectacular imagery for your photos. If you plan a shoot, but wake up to find it raining outside, it doesn’t mean your photos are done for…water actually accentuates the colors in nature! Is it a freezing cold morning outside? You may find some frost on the fall foliage, which can add another element (no pun intended…) to your images. (Source: Digital School Photography)
  2. Get closer to your subject. Make your image different from the usual landscape shot by using your macro setting and focusing in on smaller subjects with fall colors in the background. “Macro photography is a great way to explore the colors and textures of autumn, while also using unique points-of-view.” (Source: Canon Digital Learning Center)
  3. Take photos at sunrise and/or sunset. Sunset on the beach is one of our 5 must-dos when visiting Cape Charles, and it also happens to be one of the two perfect times of day for your fall photography! “The golden cast of a sunrise or sunset can accentuate the colors of fall foliage.” (Source: MalekTips)
  4. Use water. Luckily for you, Cape Charles is surrounded by water, which happens to make an excellent photography subject, particularly for capturing fall foliage reflections. “Shoot autumn color reflected in water to create stunning abstract fall photos.” (Source: Outdoor Photographer)

Ready to photograph autumn in Cape Charles? Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles awaits your arrival!


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