Eastern Shore VA: Where to Find the Best of Spring Color

Ah, spring! Nature’s sudden burst of color puts roses in our own cheeks and makes us giddy. It’s no wonder. Nature waits at every turn to show us her limited edition blazon strut, and it’s a show no one wants to miss!

So where are some of the best places to go to see nature at her finest? We’ve rounded up our favorites. Take a look.

Eastern Shore of Virginia Master Gardener Tour

Eastern Shore of Virginia Master Gardener logoFree and open to the public, the 2021 Cape Charles Garden Tour is not to be missed! The fun begins Sunday, June 6, 12:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Starting at New Roots Youth Garden, (see more below about New Roots) you’ll have the opportunity to visit five home gardens in the Cape Charles historic district.

Enjoy the beauty of these gorgeous gardens, and get your questions answered by the gardeners. Ask them about their plant choices. What are their horticultural practices? And how do they deal with gardening challenges?

If you love beautiful gardens, it’s a prime opportunity to learn, come away inspired, and to enjoy a lovely Virginia Eastern Shore spring day!


Eyre Hall

Located in Northampton near Cheriton, Eyre Hall is one of Virginia’s finest and best preserved homes. Eyre Hall’s gardens are also some of the oldest in the country, circa 1800.

Purple flowers bushes line the lush green lawn at the Eyre Hall Gardens.

Eyre Hall Gardens

Enclosed by a wall of brick brought as a ballast from England, gnarled crepe myrtles and ancient boxwoods tower over the traditional paths.

On the sunny side of the gardens, you’ll find English-style mixed borders that add beautiful pops of color. Opposite these gardens is the family graveyard and romantic orangery ruin from 1819.

Spectacular color and a relaxing time!

Kiptopeke State Park’s Butterfly Trail

Butterfly Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles

photo credit Former Bay Haven Inn guest now Cape Charles resident Robert Suppa

What could be more enthralling than the site of beautiful wildflowers lifting toward the sun while butterflies light upon them?

The scene brings a serenity that’s hard to describe!

Kiptopeke State Park’s 1.3-mile butterfly trail is just such a place. From flowers to butterflies to birds, there’s plenty here to give you pause and make you smile. Enjoy the easy trail or find other hiking trails and just explore. 

Thanks in part to the generosity of singer/songwriter, James Taylor, in 2010, 37 additional acres of upland were added to the park. Previously used for agriculture, the land has now been allowed to flourish as a wild bird habitat.

Additionally, hundreds of native trees, shrubs, and grasses were planted to support the songbird migration. Even better, Kiptopeke offers a year-round nature feast, not just in the spring.

If you love nature on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, be sure to come back in the fall for the hawk watch!

New Roots Youth Garden Grows A Little Magic

At the corner of 4th Fig and Mason in Cape Charles, you’ll find a graduate school New Roots Youth Gardenproject that continues to grow.

Laurie Kingel, owner of Appleseed Nurseries in Eastville, started New Roots Youth Garden program as her thesis project to complete her Master’s degree in horticulture from Virginia Tech.

New Roots Youth Garden teaches kids “math, science, tenderness and collaboration in real life.” The annual summer club teaches kids 5-13 to harvest and sell produce like tomatoes, eggplant, and cucumbers.

It’s a magical farm to table experience for the kids who get to see and understand where their food comes from. Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles innkeeper Tammy Holloway “dug” into this project when she and her husband relocated in 2011, serving in a leadership role for this growing project for many years. Watching these kids form a love and pride for what they grow is so rewarding.

A big thanks goes to the town of Cape Charles. The town donated the land so the kids can gain this valuable and fun experience. Volunteers then teach the children to grow their produce organically, then sell them during the summer and fall.

Your trip to Cape Charles will not be complete without a stop by the kids Summer Farm stand on Thursdays. Veggies never tasted so good!

Spring Color Everywhere

From butterflies and birds to produce, take full advantage of spring fever. Pack a bag and renew here in Cape Charles. It’s the most fun you’ll have while doing nothing at all!

As a bonus when you book a stay with us you will get to explore the Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles gardens as well, with a personal tour from your innkeepers/gardeners!

We take pleasure in helping you build your perfect gardeners dream exploration of Cape Charles Virginia’s Cape, just let us know and we are happy to assist. Book now!




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