7 Beautiful Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors of Virginia’s Eastern Shore

aerial view of Chatham Vineyards

Chatham Vineyards


Could there be a better time to enjoy Virginia’s Eastern Shore than the fall? 

With cooler temperatures, you’ll find that the outdoors beckons to you here in Cape Charles. You just have to decide where to start first!

From beach walks and premier golfing to the natural beauty of the Barrier Islands, it’s so easy to take a step back and enjoy nature’s handiwork.

 Let us show you how!


Virginia’s Eastern Shore Outdoors Starts Here

Begin your Eastern Shore discovery on land explored by Captain John Smith in 1608, Kiptopeke State Park.

Kiptopeke hiking trail

picture courtesy of Kiptopeke State Park

From hiking and biking trails to marveling Virginia’s Eastern Shore major Atlantic flyaway for migratory birds, everywhere you look you’ll find Nature at her finest.

Hikers and bikers can enjoy 5 miles of trails while birders can enjoy raptors of all types that find their way to Kiptopeke every year. Plus, the park also has a hawk watch every fall.

Want more of the great outdoors? Don’t miss the Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge. Here you can find more migratory songbirds and raptors. The Refuge currently has a bird list of 406 species found in and around the area. Go see them!

Osprey nest at Kiptopeke State Park

photo courtesy of Kiptopeke State Park

You’ll also find marsh and water birds like herons, egrets, ibis, and rails. What better place to see marsh and water birds than at The Refuge.

 Animal lovers will love exploring the area and spotting 34 mammal species that are officially recorded in the lower Delmarva Peninsula. Look for whitetail deer, gray and red foxes, raccoons, muskrats, rabbits, and deer-footed mice, and northern short-tailed shrews.

You’ve also got to see the Brownsville Preserve! On this historic farm, you’ll find a boardwalk and trails that lead you to see animals in their natural habitat, many species of birds, plus biking and nature trails, geocaching, and so many reasons to take pictures of the great outdoors.

Rare Plants, Butterflies, and Dunes

Be sure to add the Savage Neck Dunes Area Preserve to your outdoor must-see list. With a mile of Chesapeake Bay shoreline, it’s special because of its large bayside dune

budding trees at Savage Neck Dunes

Picture courtesy of Savage Neck Dunes

and its various plant communities. 

The Dunes are a treasure trove of information about rare and native plants, butterflies, moths, damselfly, and dragonfly species.

Using a searchable database, you can find specific information on specific natural resources which include common and scientific names, rarity ranks, and state and federal protected status information.

What’s more, the diverse maritime plant communities are highly important habitats for migratory birds. For the naturalist and the birder, Savage Neck Dunes is a must-see!

How About Golfing, Too

Golfers love Bay Creek! Who wouldn’t? Designed by both Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, this 27-hole award-winning golf course—with several holes along the Chesapeake Bay—also touts gorgeous views.

Bay Creek Golf Greens

Picture courtesy of Bay Creek

While the course is a private one, as a Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles guest, you get access to this incredible course.

There’s a golf shop with an excellent selection of apparel and merchandise, and it features two PGA professionals who offer private and group lessons for golfers of all ages and skill levels.

Enjoy a great meal before or after you play at the Coach House Tavern located at the 19th hole.

So, are you ready to enjoy the best of fall on Virginia’s Eastern Shore? Pack a bag and come join the fun. Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles can even pack a lunch for you so you can make a day of it!

Reserve your fall experience here.




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