22 Comfort Soup Recipes for a Long Winter’s Night

January has us all looking for food that is good for the body and good for the soul. This blog post began with a simple Facebook post asking folks for their family “go-to” comfort soup.

Over 100 responses and links to their recipes started to arrive. And then friends told friends and we got even more! I read through all the recipes shared, and below you will find the results. Try them and let us know your favorites!

Kimchi Jigae Soup

Kimchi Jigae Soup

Kimchi Soup Cynthia Bruce recipe by, shared via Cynthia Bruce (B & B colleague) via NY Times Cooking

“This soup has such a delightful level of heat…my kids ask for it when it snows or when
someone feels sniffly…” Their family enjoys it with rice and substitutes pork belly with bacon

Virginia Hospitality Brunswick Stew, Fran Adams, provided by Missy Adams Shean (Tammy’s lifelong friend and AST sorority sister)

Sausage Tortellini Soup Created by Jeanna Forrest and shared by Wendy and Doug Green (Tammy’s sister in law and brother)

These next three are from a wonderfully creative and local chef, Laura Davis, and all three call for perfectly local ingredients from this aquaculture mecca we call “the shore”. Laura

Manhattan Clam Chowder

Manhattan Clam Chowder Photo courtesy of TideandThyme.com

pays great tribute to each delicious one.

Crab & Corn Chowder, Laura Davis Tideandtymeme.com  ( ESVA chef)

Manhattan Clam Chowder, Laura Davis Tideandtymeme.com ( ESVA chef)

Creamy Oyster Stew, Laura Davis Tideandtymeme.com   (ESVA chef)

Potato-Leek-Soup-with-Bacon Created by Kathy Glaser (B&B colleague, The Alyssa House), a recipe past down from her German grandmother

Spinach & White Bean Meatball Soup shared by Cindy Green Willis ( Tammy’s Cousin), via damndelicious.net

South of the Border Chicken Soup Carol Mooney, (Tammy’s AST sorority sister)

Creamy Winter Soup with Rutabagas  Pamela Barfoot (ESVA friend)

Sausage and Broccoli Rabe Stoup shared by Michele Tenore (AST sorority sister) recipe by Rachel Ray


Sausage and Broccoli Rabe Stoup. Photo courtesy rachelray.com

She Crab Soup, Margy Dolan (lifelong friend and AST sorority sister). Creator Margy’s godmother, Marcia Bald

Lasagna Soup shared by Beth Defazio Schulze (lifelong friend and AST sorority sister) via farmgirldabbles.com

Italian Wedding Soup shared by Beth Defazio Schultz (AST sorority sister)

Cozy Autumn Wild Rice Soup shared by Beth Holmes Carroll (family friend)

Spicy Mulligatawny shared by Anne Hallerman (Cape Charles friend) via Myrecipes.com

Lamb and Winter Vegetable Stew shared by Constance Morrison (ESVA friend) via Canadian Living

Classic Minestrone Soup shared by Susan Bauer (Cape Charles friend) via Cookie & Kate

Creamy Italian White Bean Soup shared by Michelle Arcaro (longtime friend and AST sorority sister) via Good Housekeeping Magazine

Sweet Potato & Chestnut Soup

Sweet Potato & Chestnut Soup, Photo courtesy of Rieglpalate.com

Baked Minestrone shared by Jovita Shean (mother of life long college friend) via Oberlin

Sweet Potato & Chestnut Soup created by Nicole Eillon Riegl (friend via Franklin and Marshall College) via Rieglpalate.com

Butternut Squash, Sweet (or HOT!) Sausage, Gnocchi, and Sage Stoup, Rachel Ray

We hope you will enjoy these recipes over the next few months. Post your comments and photos (if you have them) at @bayhaveninn on Facebook and Instagram. Or simply share your comments below.

Bon Apetit!

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