How to Make the Most of 2020’s Quarantine Bubble (Big Holiday Tip)

No doubt 2020 will go down in history for a lot of reasons. It threw us more curves than we ever thought possible. We did more pivoting than a ballerina and it wasn’t near as much fun.

Still, 2020 was a great teacher, even if we didn’t want the lessons! It made us stop all the hurry, hurry, and clear away the clutter of activity to find out what’s really important in life.

Turns out, we got to know ourselves a little bit better by re-connecting with everyday activities like yoga (at home), nature, gardening, and the things we love but took little time for!  

We also discovered that we were holding on to a lot of “stuff” as George Carlin would say. We dug in, purged, donated, and minimized all that stuff, and we felt a whole lot better for it!

But the year isn’t over yet.

Logo that reads Stay Safe, Stay Small and Stay Inn, with picture of a houseThe most important time of the year is upon us. Holiday cheer will look a whole lot different from what we’re used to. 

The only certainty is that Thanksgiving 2020 will be different from any other Thanksgiving ever before!

Here at the Inn, Jim and I plan to use the holiday quarantine bubble by enjoying each other and counting our blessings for having made it through the year!

What to Do About Christmas Gift-Giving

Thanksgiving, of course, slides us into “What to do About Christmas Gift-Giving?”

 We all know the last thing we want to do is be out on Black Friday at a mall! That much we can all agree on. But how can we support all of those small TRUE mom and pop businesses? Well by shopping local, of course!

So should you give mom that bath and bodyworks kit from Bed, Bath, & Beyond this year? Does dad need more scarves and socks?

Chances are whatever you give them will turn in to more STUFF! So why not give a gift that never gets re-gifted or returned? Give a travel-safe, unique Eastern Shore experience to the Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles.

Not only will you feel fully confident in sending them to a small inn, but your loved ones will also get extraordinary personalized care! We can also help you build a one of a kind escape weekend package. Let us know and we can pick up gift certificates for a restaurant or one of our favorite shops. 

We know the gift everyone needs in 2020 is “operation change of scenery”! So buy mom a girls’ weekend escape or thank those grandparent caregivers/school teachers extraordinaire something they need but would likely never buy for themselves.

Give us a call and we can create the perfect package, or visit our website and DIY this whole thing! You pick the amount, print, and voila, a gift is made! 

The holidays might be way different from what we’re used to. But with a little creativity and a whole lot of love, make it a holiday season that keeps on giving!



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