5 Easy Ways to Give Your Holiday Decor That Za Za Zoo!

The holidays are a magical time! But while they can be exciting, they can also be overwhelming! From sending holiday cards, gift buying, and party-going, holiday decor can easily fall into the “Do I really have to decorate?” mindset.

Not to worry! Since we do a LOT of decorating here at the Inn, I thought I’d share five of my “easy go-to” tips to keep your holiday decorating fresh while adding depth to your standard decor.

Decorated Christmas Tree

Finished decorated Christmas tree in the      Alyce Wilson Room

1. Select the perfect tree style. So what’s perfect? Choose a tree that is a good size but doesn’t overwhelm your space.

We use artificial trees because we live in a 112-year old home and don’t want to risk a live tree catching fire.

How do you select the best artificial tree for you? Look at the types of needles. I like to use a tree that has several kinds of needles to create a more realistic look and feel. This also allows for different flexibility in the branches which gives more choices in hanging ornaments.

2. Adding tree lights. If you have a pre-lit tree, you’re set! If not, add lights by working from the top and moving from inside the branches out. This will give you light to reflect off of the ornaments.

3. Purchase a variety of ornaments in different sizes and texture of fillers. (More on filler below).  We always shop the day after Christmas to get items 75% plus off and store them away until next year. When selecting ornaments, go for a variety of sizes, textures, and shades of color to create a visual wonder!

Christmas ornaments for depth and dimension

Choose different Christmas ornaments for added depth and dimension 

Why is ornament size important? Well, you need smaller ornaments at the top because the branches are smaller.

The tree becomes fuller as you work your way down, so ornaments should progress in size accordingly. A variety of ornament textures also gives your tree depth.

When placing ornaments on the tree, work from the inside out with smaller items near the trunk of the tree, working your way out of the branches.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments laid out.

Tip: Lay out all of your ornaments and filler so you know the quantities and varieties you have to work with. This will serve as your artistic palate and the tree is your canvas!

4. Filler. So what is filler? It can be different silks, dried items from your garden, etc. We use everything from “ting,” the sparkly spiral decor on a stick to dried okra we have spray painted. Filler gives dimension and depth, taking an ordinary tree to a work of art.

5. Topper or not? Choosing to have a topper is completely up to you. If you do decide to have one, it does add a nice touch to a finished tree. Toppers come in all varieties from the traditional star, angel, or something with a little more flare.

Christmas Tree with Filler

Christmas Tree with “Filler”                in the Virginia Wilson Room 

If you’ve already decorated this year then enjoy your holidays! Set aside a little money for the day after sales on tree trimming decor and pack it away until next year!

If you haven’t started to decorate, these tips will give you the creative boost you need to put that “Za Za Zoo” into your holiday decor!

Either way, I do hope you will take a moment and let me know how your holiday decorating went this year.

Share your pictures on your favorite social media platform and tag @BayHavenInn on Instagram/Facebook. We would love to see how your creations turned out!

One last thing. If you don’t have room for a tree, these same steps will ring true for decorating a mantle or tabletop.

Happy holiday decorating!


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  1. Dazzling is the best word for Tammy’s Christmas trees! Her talents are endless. WOW is another word to describe this!

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