A Quick Eastern Shore Museum Tour

If you’re thinking museums are old and stodgy, you’ll have a great time debunking that myth when you visit these Eastern Shore of Virginia museums.

With exhibits that bring history to life, the Shore’s history unfolds right before your eyes.

But what kind of history can you find on our Virginia Shore? Well, we’re about to take you on a short tour of three prominent museums and the stories they have to tell you.

Cape Charles Museum & Welcome Center

Cape Charles Museum & Welcome Center

Come and see the many rich displays of timetables, photographs, and historical postcards, as well as documents that trace Cape Charles’ beginnings in the 1880s.

There are six main buildings that house completely different exhibits. The Museum Building is the primary exhibition center. It showcases a collection of Chesapeake Bay steamships and ferry models.

The Bloxom Station is a reconstruction of the railroad station in Bloxom which includes roof supports salvaged from the original station.

Wander through the GP7 diesel locomotive from the Eastern Shore Railroad! There’s also a collection of railroad cars to see including a tank car, caboose, boxcar, gondola bar, and flat car.

Many rail cars from the original Bay Coast Railroad are in line to be restored.  A great glimpse of Cape Charles rail history!

Take look at the Original Pilot House that will soon be restored. It originally stood atop a barge that ferried railroad cars across the Bay.

And finally, don’t miss the Jetty House. It originally stood on a jetty in our fair town to house barge operations equipment. The Museum also has special exhibits frequently. Take a leisurely afternoon and come see them all!

Barrier Islands Center

VA Barrier Islands Center No tour of Virginia’s Eastern Shore would be complete without a quick summary of the Barrier Islands Center.

A storyteller for the Islanders and watermen of days gone by, the Barrier Islands Center tells the story of the history of the men and women who once lived on the Barrier Islands.

The Barrier Island Center will teach you the rich history of Hog Island, as well as the 22 other magical Barrier Islands. The history of these islands is both intriguing and fascinating because almost nothing remains of the hunting and fishing clubs, beach resorts and communities that once thrived there.

What’s more, the Islands, a protected global treasure by the Nature Conservancy’s Virginia Coast Reserve, is a natural crucial component of the Atlantic Flyway. A must see!

Historical Society of the Eastern Shore, Onancock

Historical Society of the Eastern ShoreThe Ker Place Herb and Kitchen Garden, one of Tammy’s favorite places, teach museum visitors about the critical importance of herbs used in the 19th century.

From culinary to medicinal purposes, the staff will show you how various herbs were used and why they were so important to Eastern Shore settlers.

Love cannonballs and swords? Then you’ll want to see the exhibits of General John Cropper and Governor Henry Wise, two of the Shore’s prominent residents.

Learn about the Eastern Shore’s watermen history from the log canoe Annie C. built by hand in 1904. Or, see the Society’s historical silver collection ranging from a hailing trumpet to punch bowls.

Besides exhibits, the historical society has annual events and new collections arriving regularly.

Which museum piques your interest? It certainly makes for a full and enjoyable day learning about the Eastern Shore’s rich and diverse past!

So plan a Fall trip to Virginia’s Eastern Shore. The history will surprise you and the Chesapeake Bay will win your heart.

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