Don’t be SHELL-fish, share your visit to the Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles

Now introducing “The Shellfie Project”- an interactive station at the Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles that allows our guests to share a memory with their friends and to leave a little piece of themselves with us at the shore .

Shellfie basketBefore we spill the details, we want to share with you why we love the Shellfie Project so much. We host guests from all over the world. We love getting to know them, learning about where they are from, and finding out why they are traveling through our neck of the woods. And, we’re not gonna lie…it’s a tad bit sad every time we have to tell our guests goodbye. The Shellfie Project allows our guests to leave a little piece of themselves with us at the shore.

IMG_2397Don’t be surprised if the next time you walk by the Bay Haven Inn you spot signed clam shells under the palm tree in the Margarittaville area on our property or adorning the plants on the porch. As part of the Shellfie Project, guests sign their names on a shell, take a selfie with their shells, and leave the shell to remind us of them. We even have a selfie stick to help guests capture their best Shellfies!


One of the most remarkable (and unexpected!) things about this project is that it helps bridge the gap between generations. Grandparents are learning all about selfies–and why we love them so much–when they use the selfie stick for the first time. The shared smiles and new understanding between generations is enough to make many of our guests take more than one Shellfie!IMG_2406

So, the next time you take a stroll by our Inn, or come for a visit, be on the lookout for signed clam shells, now known as Shellfies. Heck, we would even love for you to grab a shell and the selfie stick and make a memory of your own!

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