Chesapeake Bay Water Travel Adventures: You Don’t Want to Miss These!

Chesapeake Bay Water Adventures

Photo courtesy of Seaside Eco Tours

Sun glinting off of a wavy surface of water sparkles like diamonds, emptying our heads of busy thoughts and leaving us blissfully content. 

Ahhh! It’s no wonder we seek out moving bodies of water; it refreshes us and makes us happy. That’s why so many of us cast about for water travel adventures. Or as writer, Lara Rosenbaum says:

“Water pulls on me the way the moon pulls on it. It’s just in my blood and bones. It makes me feel alive in a deep, calm way. It sort of brings me in.”

Here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, you have abundant opportunity to celebrate water’s invitation for a more peaceful existence.

It just all depends on what kind of experience you want! We’ve outlined five different water experiences you’re sure to love. Which one calls to you?

Barrier Islands

Explore the Chesapeake Bay by boat and visit the Barrier Islands with their delicate natural habitats and unspoiled stretches of beaches. 

Cape Charles Boat Tours

Cape Charles Boat Tour Captain Dave

The Eastern Shore has 23 islands which make up the largest stretch of coastal wilderness on the eastern seaboard, and it protects us from the mighty Atlantic Ocean!

Designated a Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network Site of International Importance, birdwatchers can delight in seeing many different species of birds. The Barrier Islands have also been designated an International Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations.

All of that is important stuff, for sure. In fact, almost nothing remains of the hunting and fishing clubs, the beach resorts, or even entire communities that once called the Barrier Islands their home.

But what’s even cooler is the experience of standing on the remnants of a past frontier, respecting what came before and easily feeling like the last person left on earth. 

How can you get to the extraordinary Barrier Islands?

Turn to Cape Charles Boat Tour Co for a two-hour afternoon tour. Experienced captain David Lee and his wife, Anna, will show you all the beauty and history of the islands. Many of Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles’ guests describe the adventure as a “bucket list” experience.

Barrier Island Salts

Photo courtesy Barrier Islands Salt Co


The Lees also offer a Sunset & Dolphin tour that’s the perfect way to enjoy the Chesapeake Bay’s vibrantly colored sunsets and playful dolphins. Either way, owners Anna and Dave Lee, will give you an experience to be treasured!

Also, be sure to ask Dave and Anna about their new adventure, Barrier Islands Salt Co. Hand harvested by boat around the pristine Barrier Islands, these incredible new  “makers” have brought Virginia a unique product that is showing up in many places around the Eastern Shore of Virginia and beyond! 


Bird, Nature Watching

Hitch a boat ride with Seaside Eco Tours and enjoy Barrier Island birdwatching trips, nature and sunset cruises. Or, plan a boat trip that includes swimming, picnicking, and shelling. We promise it’s a world of fun!  

Family Fishing & Dolphin Trips

Sunset Kayak Tour

Photo courtesy of Jim Granger

This 50-foot custom-built head boat, the Miss Jennifer, of Miss Jennifer Cherrystone Family Fishing, is a great way to spend half a day fishing.

Or choose an after-dark water adventure and enjoy their night time fishing trips. Either way, it’s a great way to enjoy the water with family and friends. 

Or, choose the Sunset Cruise & Dolphin Search tour. Special occasion tours for Memorial Day and Fourth of July allow you to see fireworks from the water.

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Trips

Topdog Charters, located in historic Cape Charles, has immediate access to the bountiful fishing waters of the Bay. And, it’s an easy ride to the Atlantic. Topnotch fishing and water experience, with Captain Neil you are always in great hands!!

Paddle Your Way on the Bay

Want something a little more low key? Grab a paddleboard or kayak and while away the day with a friend on the Chesapeake Bay. It’s an easy, fun way to take in all that the Bay has to offer.

There’s just no better way to calm your mind and rejuvenate your spirit than time spent at the Shore. Come relax and renew with us. Book your stay at Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles now.


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