Anchors Away in Cape Charles, VA

Anchors Away! What a great surprise to find the Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles featured in my national sorority, Alpha Sigma Tau, magazine, The Anchor that just came out.  I have such incredible memories of my time at Radford University as a sorority member. I learned so many things that impact my life today as an Inn Keeper, how to build and keep meaningful relationships, the ins and outs of proper etiquette and gracious southern hospitality, organizational and leadership skills, the importance of getting involved and giving to your community and of course how to host a great party!

This year I was able to go back to Radford and celebrate AST’s 60th anniversary on campus. It was as if we had never left, the sorority still gathers great woman with loving open hearts and hands ready to make a difference in their community. As I reflected on this when returning home I recalled our mission as a sorority.


To foster intellectual, cultural, ethical and social development
To instill a commitment to lifelong leadership
To develop women who enrich the lives of others
To promote an environment of shared understanding and respect for values, expectations and goals
To sustain relationships that transcend the collegiate experience

WOW! I was amazed, how many things in this world actually do what they say they are going to do? So today, I say thank you Alpha Sigma Tau for helping me to become the woman I am today and for the amazing women I have met along the way, you helped form who I am and I am grateful! This article has already connected me with new sisters from near and far….a true gift that keeps on giving!


This was our BONUS when relocating to Cape Charles….Alpha Lambda, AST sister Beth Davis just three doors down! We love seeing her and Mason on their daily walks to the park! Second bonus…Beth introduced me to yet another sorority sister who lives in this small town, Cela Burge, who I simply ADORE!

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